Activity 1

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Wave-field Modelling

Aim: To develop wave energy distribution and dynamics in time and space for the coastal zone of the Baltic Sea along Latvia (Kurzeme)

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Activity 2

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Modelling of Suspended Particle Transport

Aim: To develop a spatial structure for suspended particle transport and deposition Objectives and expected outcomes:

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Activity 3

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Evaluation of Physical Effects on Biodiversity of Benthic Habitats

Aim: To evaluate the effects of wave energy and suspended particles on the biological diversity and prevalence of underwater habitats along the coastline.

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Activity 4

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Development of biodiversity indicators

Aim: To develop indicators which link the status of biodiversity and the influences of external physical factors.

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Activity 5

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Publicity and Public Awareness

Aim: To provide all stakeholders, including the scientific audience and wider public, with research-based transfer of knowledge and information regarding the influences of climate change on biodiversity.

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